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Goodness time to show you all my terrible art from when I was like 12.

So I joined dA on March 11, 2010 (and have never had a premium membership). I think I actually had a previous account which I completely forgot the username of, but I also don't think I actually posted any art on it. Anyway, this is what 2010 looked like for me art-wise:
StarClan Cat by Skyleap

Look how terrifying that is. At this point, I didn't have access to a scanner, or a phone, or a camera, or a webcam. Pretty sure I used tinypic's image editor to put the words and effects on this, for what it was worth. Drawn with a laptop mouse, with really no effort whatsoever.

Dragon by SkyleapLight and Dark by Skyleap

The first one happened when I got access to a webcam. It was the first time my dragons started looking a little more decent, and I actually managed to figure out some things. It was the first of my artwork to get a comment, and it was a compliment, so of course that made me feel happy. That second one is from...8th grade, I think. I drew it on the back of my music in band class, and I was really pleased with the general concept and way it was shaded. I still kind of am, even though the drawing itself isn't that good.

Oh, I suppose I should show you my first attempts at humanoid shapes.
Firendel by Skyleap


Still in middle school, these drawings were me taking odd requests from my friends. I learned how to draw dragons in different positions, interacting (rather poorly) with furniture and objects.
Reading Dragon by SkyleapDragon and Drumset by SkyleapThe Torture Ensemble by Skyleap


The Shadow Dragon by Skyleap

Moving on to 9th grade, we come to the first drawing I was really happy with when I drew it, and I still really like it simply because of the way certain parts of it came out. This was me drawing the earliest notion of the villain for my book. I had a lot of fun shading it, and was really fascinated with how the holes and rips in the shadows covering him added a depth to the drawing that wasn't there initially.

Realistic Dragon by Skyleap
I drew this during a summer camp, and it was my first try at making scales on dragons not look creepy. Remember those first scales...

Fast forward to when I got access to a scanner.
Unyielding by Skyleap

I actually put the date on this one. April 1st, 2012. At this point, I still wasn't ready to draw a completely scale-covered dragon, but I had started to figure it out. I was beginning to really figure out muscles and shading, for sure. Plus I always enjoy drawing dragons with scythe tails.

Molenka Diamondtail by Skyleap

And this was one year later. I still really love this drawing, simply because it was the first really big artwork I had done completely shaded in pencil. The head was basically a big conglomeration of circles and odd rounded shapes at first, which is where all the little lines came from. For once, a simple profile shot of my dragons came out looking powerful.
Double Dragon by SkyleapGreat Guardian Dragon by WretchedSpawn2012

This happened that same year. Suddenly I had a lightbulb moment for drawing scales. I owe a lot to that second thumbnail, which is Great Guardian Dragon by WretchedSpawn2012. Obviously that one stood out to me because of its amazing detail, and when I zoomed in, I started to realize that it actually looked like an actual human could actually draw that. It no longer seemed so impossible. With the firm belief that this potential was hiding somewhere within me, I set about drawing the Double Dragon. I'm not sure where the idea came from--I think I wanted to show two dragons representing traditional looks for good and evil while showing the light and darkness present in each or some such nonsensical ramblings. That explains the backwards shading on the bottom dragon. The top dragon has a broad snout with round edges, and big, bumpy scales to represent a dragon of "good." The other dragon has a narrower snout, spiky scales and horns, and overall harsh edges to represent "evil." This drawing marked the transition of my dragon drawings towards a style that really pushes them forward.

The same can't really be said for my human drawings XD I'm working on it...
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Hallo. I'm Skyleap and I'll be your server today.
Today's special is...dragon. It's what I usually draw, in addition to random stuff.

I'm hopelessly incompetent at crocheting. I'm probably the only person who can turn a simple crocheted shower soap bag into a mangled hat for a tiny stuffed animal. I'll put up a picture of it sometime.


So I just went into the living room and saw my mom watching NCIS, which was just starting. Here is what I see:
*dramatic music*
*poodle steps in slow motion into the gleam of a flashlight* *guy holding flashlight narrows eyes*
*opening theme music*

--general fandomness:

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I really hope spring gets under way sometime soon.
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