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So after a really long time (this has probably always been there and I was too blind to notice) I finally figured out how to organize my gallery efficiently, and did so. While moving artwork around, said artwork decided to play shenanigans; specifically Asmodeus (of course). His was the only piece of artwork I was having issues with. I'm playing merry-go-round with the positions of artwork in my featured folder, and suddenly there's two copies of the big Asmodeus headshot artwork. Okay, I say to myself, and delete one of them. Return to the first page of my gallery and suddenly Asmodeus has appeared there; thinking it's another copy, I go and delete it. Check the back page. Apparently I deleted ALL the copies of that piece of artwork. Uh. Sorry to anyone who favorited or commented on it, it has vanished, I'm not sure where or if it will ever return. Fortunately I still have said piece of art, so a future reupload may be in the works.

UPDATE: Aha, I found it! And now it is back in my gallery where you can see it.

Anyway, here's how my gallery is now organized (all alphabetical except for the last one because reasons):

--Auran Comic and Sketches (any and all concept art or pages related to the character and world of my planned Auran comic goes in here.)
--Characters and Such (anything related to my other stories. Certain dragon characters included.)
--Demonic Stories (all of the writing related to my Seven Deadly Sins characterizations; they're vaguely satirical.)
--Fantasy (dragons aren't copied in to this folder, it's just for other fantasy creatures like griffins, phoenixes, etc.)
--Other Writing (short stories, etc.)
One folder that is more for me than anyone else:
--Crap Old Stuff

All miscellaneous photography, crafts, etc. are staying in the featured folder, but at the front I showcase recent work as well as some of my best pieces for your convenience. Currently in the process of playing merry-go-round with the other folders so that the best pieces are at the front of each folder. All done, everything's organized!


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Eventual premium membership. Things I want to do: change my name, feature specific gallery folders, have polls, all that wonderful fun stuff to make life more interesting on dA!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, everyone. I'm Skyleap. I tend to draw a lot of dragons; mainly traditional art but you'll notice that I try a wide range of art genres and styles.

--general fandomness:


Auran 1-01 Test by Skyleap
Auran 1-01 Test
Edit: Thank you for the feedback; if you ever notice a spelling issue, PLEASE let me know and I will fix it immediately. I will proofread the pages before I post but nobody's perfect.

So anyway, here's what the first page of the comic should look like. I would LOVE to get some feedback/tips on text formatting and fonts. I hesitate to say this is an official start to the comic, because I'd rather be able to stick to a set schedule as opposed to updating whenever, but I have seen some comics which have kind of a hazy update time and are still popular, so I suppose it isn't strictly necessary, but anyway. There's also the little fact that I don't even remotely have regular access to a scanner, so these are all pictures I have taken with my phone and fiddled around with, so they would look a lot better as a nice clean scan; as they are, it makes it look like my straight lines are a bit skewed, and trust me they're not.

Let me know what you think, and I might or might not actually go ahead and say that the comic has begun.

Cover/Table of Contents: click
Other practice pages: click
So what exactly is a kiriban? I've seen them everywhere and I think they apparently have something to do with page views?? They're still some mysterious, unexplained force to me so. Help?
Asmodeus Icon V2 by Skyleap
Asmodeus Icon V2
My avatar got an upgrade!

Not animated (at least not yet) because those wings were difficult enough to shade once...
Same character as before, my characterization of the Deadly Sin of Lust.

I love how his eyes came out; they look like jelly beans :3 Azzy's personality really lends itself to chibis. I think if I tried to draw chibi Lucifer he would just be like no. Also his haircut changed again, apparently. Maybe he just styled it differently or something, I dunno. I haven't draw Asmodeus in a looong time.
Working on a new avatar and IT IS ADORABLE I am pleased.

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I hope to see you soon again walking over my gallery but until that I wish you a very nice and peacefull weekend and hope you are okay so far :)

Greetings, Alkasay~
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