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hello pen pressure.

It's very small (6.0 x 3.7 active area) but I like it a lot!


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United States
Hello, everyone. I'm Skyleap. I tend to draw a lot of dragons; mainly traditional art but you'll notice that I try a wide range of art genres and styles.

--general fandomness:


Caspian at Sea by Skyleap
Caspian at Sea
My spiral Caspian regularly goes on voyages into the Sea of a Thousand Currents, ostensibly because he likes this method of travel better than flying, but most dragons in the clan believe he's afraid of heights and won't admit this to anyone.

(I am Mort on Flight Rising; this piece is also uploaded to my tumblr here.)

Spiral dragons © Flight Rising
Auran Walk Cycle Animation
Sass master and his sass walk.

Simplified him down a bit by not bothering with wings or his arrowhead tail, but still recognizable with his markings :3
OC Inktober Day 5 - Vermeera by Skyleap
OC Inktober Day 5 - Vermeera
Another of my favorite Time Portal characters, Vermeera is one of the two animal magicians who are trying to prevent the opening of the Ravine (which happens anyway whoops Nice Job Breaking It Hero). She lives alone on top of a mountain, looking out over a misty forest and gaining knowledge from the creatures within. She has a good understanding of how the chaotic magic works, and works with the wild Whoot after he accidentally releases a whole bunch of it. I imagine her to play a crucial role in helping Lily and Dianelle return home, even though I never got that far in the actual stories.
OC Inktober Day 4 - Lily by Skyleap
OC Inktober Day 4 - Lily

Moving on to some of my middle school OCs (I may or may not be done with the elementary school ones, we’ll see as the month goes on). Lily is the main character of a book I wrote throughout my three years of middle school, called Time Portal. In it, Lily and her sister, Dianelle (number one question of those three years: “Do you mean ‘Danielle?’” No. No, I don’t) are transported to the medieval past of their hometown (yes, I went with that plot device), where a war breaking out threatens to alter the present day.

The continent, known as Aladia, had been calm for years, ever since a firelily flower was planted as a symbol of everlasting peace and hope. However, with chaotic magic causing time portals to spring up everywhere, a dragon by the name of Darshanne recognizes the omens as a means towards changing the future, and steals the firelily, which throws the different nations into a panic. When the two sisters arrive, Lily’s name is taken as a sign that they are meant to help retrieve the firelily, and they are thrown somewhat unwillingly into adventure. Dianelle leaves to find the offshore city of dragons and plead for their help with the creatively named Goldspark (silver-scaled dragon, with veins of gold running across them; this pattern reverses when he invokes a spell of concentration and fury), while Lily remains behind at the castle to help two magicians, a wolf named Whoot and a white vixen named Vermeera, try to find a way to counter the chaotic magic running rampant after Whoot accidentally released it. Towards the end, there’s a scene where Lily summons spirits created from different elemental magics, one of them being the rabbit in the picture.

Although they succeed in defeating Darshanne, the continent is left physically split in two by the clash of magic. The story was originally planned to be a trilogy, with the second book entailing them trying to close the Ravine, and the third detailing Lily and Dianelle trying to go back home.

Anyway, Lily is the level-headed and more shy of the two sisters, so her character arc involved her showing her strength through quieter, but powerful, ways, such as the magic which ends up saving everyone from Darshanne, versus Dianelle's wild ride of a quest to way too many place involving way too many sideplots XD ah well, yet another story I want to rewrite.
OC Inktober Day 3 - Flash and Dash by Skyleap
OC Inktober Day 3 - Flash and Dash
More elementary school-era characters! These two are from a 26-page story (which I still have) called The Cactus Files. The two caterpillars hear a legend about this mysterious document hidden in a cactus, and decide to find it. It's...never actually specified what kind of spells the document actually contains, or its purpose or anything. That was all going to be explored in the creatively named Cactus Files 2, which child me never got very far into.

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