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Sailing Away The Western Fire-stars of Life by AzureParagon

This is really amazing. The first thing I noticed were all the details and swirls of stars and beauty you put into making the outer spa...


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*splutters* How...wha...? Don't ask.

Soooooo...donations for whatever now.

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Okay, so since it really needs it and I have been neglecting this for a while now, I'm going to organize my gallery! Here is how I'm planning on sorting things:

--Featured: main section of the gallery will have all of my awesome stuff, like the dragons I slaved over and killed my pen to make.
--Dragons (sub-folder): it already exists, but I will be cleaning it up. Only finished, decent works will go in here.
--Dragon Designs (sub-folder): also exists. Here is where any refsheets would go, and any sketch dump type deals.
--Fantasy (sub-folder): any drawings not dragons that are fantasy will go here.
--Paintings (sub): guess what goes here.
--Photography (sub)
--Demonic Stories (sub): any stories related to my 7 Deadly Sins charries.
--Writing (sub): all other writing and poetry.
--WIP (sub)
--(S)crappy stuff (sub): nasty old crap nobody wants to see.
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Hallo. I'm Skyleap and I'll be your server today.
Today's special is...dragon. It's what I usually draw, in addition to random stuff.

I'm hopelessly incompetent at crocheting. I'm probably the only person who can turn a simple crocheted shower soap bag into a mangled hat for a tiny stuffed animal. I'll put up a picture of it sometime.


So I just went into the living room and saw my mom watching NCIS, which was just starting. Here is what I see:
*dramatic music*
*poodle steps in slow motion into the gleam of a flashlight* *guy holding flashlight narrows eyes*
*opening theme music*

--general fandomness:

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VisionCrow Mar 12, 2014   Interface Designer
How are you Sky? :)
Skyleap Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm fine, how are you?
VisionCrow Mar 12, 2014   Interface Designer
Yesterday I was hopelessly tired, today I'm feeling surprisingly fine. I'm guessing the spring is making me crazy. :la:
Skyleap Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's supposed to snow for us on Monday (again), soooooooooo......

I really hope spring gets under way sometime soon.
(1 Reply)
VisionCrow Feb 11, 2014   Interface Designer
So, there's one thing I've been thinking...

First I just realized what I had written in the comment below. I swear that if I would have seen your best works before, I would have never even imagined initially refusing you. The whole thing seems like a bad joke, and that even though I did say the Gallery seems empty, I should probably pay more attention in looking through the Galleries completely so that I won't make any poor decision.

But I was thinking, that since you have really helped me at Artist Bestiary, could you possibly help me out with dA-Fantasy-Animals as well? The activity was at its highest when I operated the old group fantasyart-fi, but my life got wrecked soon after we moved to dA-Fantasy-Animals, so the whole group transfer got stuck in the middle. I returned, but as the months have passed, none of the old Contributors are that active anymore. They are all busy - but I have talked with them, and understand that life steals our time so often.

Right now I got one more Contributor to help me out (you can see this in the Valentine's Exchange of the group), so I'm more optimistic, and there probably could be another Contributor, although he more expressed his desire to help at judging contest entries etc.

Still, my original big plans from 19-20 months ago still stand - I wanted the group originally to become a really good group, the kind of where it would be fun to be and to do something more than just sending arts and attending contest. Part of the reason why Artist Bestiary was found in the first place was when some of the members realized that a lot of the things we'd like to do can't be done exclusively on dA - including serious discussion about artistic careers or even projects and collaborations. Or actually, most importantly, a sense of a community. I'd like to try to found a place where people could form social relationships.

Yeh, that's about this. I'd like to hear your thoughts about this and what would you like to do. Thanks again for everything you have done to help me. :3
Skyleap Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'd basically forgotten what the original catalyst for this conversation was XD

That's awesome that you've set up a valentine's exchange! This will be the first one I've participated in!

I would love to help out woth dA-Fantasy-Animals as well! Do you have anything specific in mind?
VisionCrow Feb 11, 2014   Interface Designer


:huggle: I could ask for an opinion: Do you think the name "dA-Fantasy-Animals" is misleading? The intention has been to focus on creatures... needs not necessarily be about fantasy, but can be. Basically, the group was intended for people who like living critters, be those animals or something else. The word "fantasy" just seems to work well when it comes to adventurous stories.

About something else, you don't believe how much I have though on trying to figure out something you could do! A problem the group has often had has been lack of ideas... but I'm starting to think that perhaps the problem is more that there isn't a proper method to get ideas.

I've been thinking that the group management could happen at Artist Bestiary, in a separate subforum. Rather than via dA Notes, any comments and thoughts would be visible to everyone who are managing the dA group.

In short, we are in dire need of ideas.
Skyleap Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hmm...well, a lot of what people post is related to fantasy animals, so perhaps not. It's tough to think of an original title among all the groups, but I like that the fantasy element is in the title. Adding "and more" would seem a bit tacky, so I don't really know.

Having the ideas thread on Artist's Bestiary seems like a very good idea. The messaging system on dA can be a bit confusing at times, and having all the ideas easily accessible will be really good.

As another idea, perhaps there could be a "theme of the month" kind of thing on the group. Like a writing prompt. People could draw things related to the theme, and then submit them to a special folder. From that folder, we could vote on our favorite (if polls aren't available, then we could do an unofficial poll via journal).
(2 Replies)
VisionCrow Jan 3, 2014   Interface Designer
Hey Skyleap! I noticed you wanted to join the group :iconda-fantasy-animals:. :meow:

I do think one of our team members didn't accept you into the group as it was below the quality limit. However, my opinion is that your artwork isn't that far away. I'm pretty positive that you could be able to join the group in the future if you worked and focused on your drawings a bit more.

For example, have you ever put some more details in your works? Scales for dragons and the like? Another thing I thought that you could experiment with shades. This includes both black & white and colors. By shades I mean you use various degrees of darkness of colors - sort of like picking some shades up from gradients.

You seem like a nice person - I think there wouldn't be any problem if you wanted to join the group a bit later or that you'll be able to improve. :tighthug:

The group is just rising from the ashes again - there have been some projects some of our members have been working on, thus there will be some big things in the near future. There may be some changes in the group criteria in the future, so if you think you could still want to join #dA-Fantasy-Animals then it could be great if you stayed tuned. :meow: At least some of our members really seem to like some of the projects so far!

Skyleap Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
If you look through my gallery I'm sure you can't fail to notice the Double Dragon work. That was a highly detailed piece of dragons covered completely in meticulously shaded scales. If you've been looking only at what I have just recently put up, those are sketches and practices of mine. Recently I have been attempting watercolors, the most recent in which I also put scales in, although they did not turn out as well as I had hoped.
I'm simply curious. I would have thought those kinds of works would have more than fit in with the general quality of your group, as I observed. So if you could tell me what exactly you're looking for, that would be appreciated. Would you be looking for greater consistency in me being able to draw well?
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